Sunday, February 10, 2013

Endo Happy: Share the Love!

Although no introduction is needed, here is another fantastic guest blog post from the lovely Katie, the Founder of Endo Happy:

Photo Credit: Endo Happy

So it's nearly Valentines Day, a holiday that despite being single I really enjoy. I love seeing all the love hearts everywhere and it's something fun to plan for after a long January. Every year I send a card to my friends children, they are just simply 'For my Valentine' and inside say Happy Valentines Day, and I know that they love getting them! I grew up with always getting a card from my grandparents and/or parents so although I don't have my own children I want to continue the tradition and share the love! It's also fun to take or even make some treats to take into your colleagues at work, maybe a few chocolate hearts or spoil your best friend with a surprise gift.

But most of all the person you should share the love with is yourself, make this year the one that you choose to accept yourself and all your 'flaws & imperfections' and acknowledge that you are good enough and most likely loved and adored by many people.

Loving yourself is mostly about having self-respect, for which the following may help:

Stop comparing yourself to others, although other peoples lives may look better than yours the chances are they are envying you in some way too. Focus on your own strengths, and when you realise what they are share them with the world!

Be yourself, if you love to wear pink leg warmers while listening to mozart eating snails then do it! Don't worry about what other people are thinking, most people are actually just worrying about themselves.

Be your own best friend:) Endosisters are all so caring, helpful and kind so give that good advice to yourself! And all those negative thoughts in your head? Stop them immediately, you wouldn't speak to your friends like that so don't do it to yourself.

Find an 'affirmation' that you find inspiring and repeat it every day and/or in times of doubt. My favourite author for these is Susan Jeffers, I would recommend her book 'feel the fear and do it anyway' to anybody, it's life changing! My favourite is 'everything is happening perfectly', it takes away the 'why is this happening' and simply tells me to trust in the greater meaning.

And lastly be kind to yourself, sleep and rest when you can, nourish your body with fresh food, fruit and vegetables, drink lots of water and try to get some weekly exercise and/or fresh air. Read your favourite books and listen to your favourite music.

I look forward to seeing you all sharing the love on 14th February xxx


If you are not already doing so, please follow Endo Happy on Twitter for happiness, support, and encouragement! 

xo Heather 

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