Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Endo Happy: Endometriosis Awareness

Here is the newest post by Katie from Endo Happy:

I hope by now you have all seen that my story was featured in Cosmopolitan on Friday! I didn't find out until that day they were going to do it so was a very exciting day for me and a great start to awareness month.

I have been thinking a lot about awareness, what it means to me and what are the best ways to draw peoples attention to Endometriosis and how can we help to prevent other girls from suffering to the extent we have done. What I am going to do is a life map, think back to everybody that has been in my life since my heavy periods have started and I am going to contact them and bring Endometriosis to their attention.

I started this on Friday by sending the endometriosis.co.uk publication 'endometriosis in the workplace' to my manager and assistant manager, I am going to post/email that publication to every HR department of each employer I have had in my adult life. I'm going to contact the schools/colleges I went to, the gym I go to and so on, basically anybody that is part of or has been part of my life. And most importantly I am going to send an open letter to the Doctors surgery that I used to attend, where my misdiagnosis occurred over several years to advise them of the situation and send them a poster for them to display. The Doctor I used to see has long since retired but I hope the other Doctors will read and take notice.

I will be posting throughout March with the updates #endolifemap please look out for them and I hope you will be inspired to take a similar approach in your efforts for awareness!


Special thanks to my guest blogger, and dear friend for sharing this with us! Make sure that you follow Katie's updates! 

xo Heather 


  1. I think this is a great idea. Definitely something for people to consider when they complete Occupational Health Questionnaires when they start a new job. Including a copy of the factsheet will probably mean it is included in your file.

  2. So ambitious! But what a great movement!

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  5. It is a very incredible post. Your post is very informative for me. Thank you so much..

  6. Thanks for helping spread awareness on the matter, Heather. It can be really helpful to other women who might be wondering about this unidentified condition. Endometriosis is commonly confused with other reproductive and digestive ailment such as appendicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease. Sadly, the confusion it brings due to vague symptoms can lead to unnecessary procedures or medications.

    Sabrina Craig @ Medical Attorney


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